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Experience Hendrix:2016-03-22-Count Basie Theater Red Bank, New Jersey, USA

Experience Hendrix
Count Basie Theater Red Bank
New Jersey,USA
Experience Hendrix Tour


Set 1:
Freedom (dz,cl,sn,bc)
Stone Free (dz,cl,bc,mn)
Foxy Lady (cc,hb,bc,cl,mn)
Wait Until Tomorrow ( hb,ej,nh,sn,cl)
One Rainy Wish (ej,sn,cl)
Love Or Confusion (dz,ej,sn,cl)
Third Stone From The Sun (ej,sn,cl)
Are You Experienced (zw,ej,sn,cl)
Manic Depression (zw,cl, sn)
Little Wing (zw,cl, sn)
Purple Haze (zw,cl, sn)

Set 2:
All Along The Watchtower  (cl,sn,zw, mn, Jl)
Fire (ej,hb, jl, sn,cl,jh)
The Wind Cries Mary (ej,jl,cl,sn)
Spanish Castle Magic  (mn, jl,sn,cl)
Gypsy Eyes (mn,kws ,cl, sn, nh)
I Don't Live Today (kws,sn,cl,nh)
Let The Good Times Roll (kws,sn,cl,nh)
Voodoo Child (kws,sn,cl,nh)
Voodoo Child ( Slight Return )  (kws,sn,cl,nh)
Who Knows (bg,ta,mn,bc)
Goin' To Louisiana (bg,ta,mn,bc)
Hey Joe (bg,ta,mn,bc)
Them Changes (bg,ta,mn,bc,hb)
Red House (bg,ta,mn,bc,cc)

The band:
Billy Cox - bass, vocals
Scott Nelson - bass
Chris Layton - drums
Dweezil Zappa - guitar
Mato Nanji - guitar, vocals
Henri Brown - vocals
Zakk Wylde - guitar, vocals
Chuck Campbell - pedal steel guitar
Eric Johnson - guitar, vocals
Jonny Lang - guitar, vocals
Noah Hunt - vocals
Kenny Wayne Shepherd: guitar
Buddy Guy - guitar, vocals
Tim Austin - drums
Janie Hendrix - vocals

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  2. the mega link is dead. And the google one you well add is(will be) blocked by mandatory signin

  3. I see that the mega link is working again and I had fabricated a google account just for this site.
    But seriously thanks for the effort and the money to keep this up and going. I also share but in torrent form so I dont have the overhead you do. But there is something about sharing it is as addictive as greed once was for me.


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