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Michael Schenker Group:1983-01-17-Kyoto Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan

Michael Schenker Group
Kyoto Kaikan
Kyoto, Japan 
Assault Attack Tour


1 Intro
2 Ulcer
3 Cry For The Nations
4 Attack Of The Mad Axeman
5 Rock You To The Ground
6 Bijou Pleasurette
7 Victim Of Illusion
8 Into The Arena
9 Desert Song
10 Courvoisier Concerto
11 Lost Horizons
12 Let Sleeping Dogs Die
13 Looking For Love
14 Armed & Ready
15 Doctor Doctor
16 Are You Ready To Rock
17 Rock Bottom

The band:
Michael Schenker Guitar
Gary Barden Vocal
Chris Glen Bass
Ted McKenna Drums
Andy Nye Keyboard

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