domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016

Rolling Stones:2016-10-07-Empire Polo Grounds, Indio, CA, USA

Rolling Stones
Empire Polo Grounds
Indio, CA, USA 
In the Desert Tour

Many thanks Scooter123


1.  Start Me Up
2.  Banter
3.  Out of Control
4.  Banter
5.  Ride Em On Down
6.  Banter
7.  Mixed Emotions
8.  Wild Horses
9.  Its Only Rock and Roll
10. Banter
11. Come Together
12. Tumbling Dice
13. Honky Tonk Women
14. Banter
15. Slippin Away
16. Little T&A
17. Midnight Rambler
18. Banter
19. Miss You
20. Gimme Shelter
21. Sympathy for the Devil
22. Brown Sugar
23. Jumping Jack Flash
24. You Can't Always Get What You Want*
25. Banter
26. Satisfaction

The band:
Mick Jaeger, Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Watts, Drums
Keith Richards, Guitar Vocals
Ronnie Wood, Guitar

Bernard Fowler, Vocals, Percussion
Sasha Allen, Vocals
Tim Ries, Sax, Keyboards
Karl Denson, Sax
Matt Clifford, Keyboards, Percussion, French Horn
Chuck Level, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Daryl Jones, Bass

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