lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Symphony X:2016-10-12-Metro Theatre,Sydney, Australia

Symphony X
Metro Theatre
Sydney, Australia
Underworld Tour


01) Overture
02) Nevermore
03) Underworld
04) Kiss of Fire
05) Sir Russell greets the crowd
06) Without You
07) Charon
08) To Hell and Back
09) Sir Russell breaks his chain
10) In My Darkest Hour
11) Run with the Devil
12) Sir Russell talks about the Devil and Led Zeppelin
13) Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
14) Sir Russell and MJR drink to life
15) Swan Song
16) Death of Balance
17) Serpent's Kiss
18) Of Sins and Shadows
19) Sir Russell tries to understand Australians
20) Set the World on Fire
21) Sir Russell on metal and Dio
22) Legend
23) Sir Russell teases with The Odyssey and calls it a night
24) Sea of Lies

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  2. Yhanks. Just need to get this too hear what's going on in track 23!?!?!?!


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