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Ted Nugent:1975-03-14-Chicago,Illinois,USA

Ted Nugent


1-Unknown Title - 6:21
2-Unknown Title - 3:54
- background hum
- 2nd song's main hook is the same as Stormtroopin'. But the rest of the song is not like the recorded version.
3-Lady Luck - 7:04
- "How's it going, I I I I I I T?", comment -
4-Pony Express - 7:00
- This is the song where someone in the crowd made a 'duck call' sound and Nugent quipped back, "That's what you are too, mutha!"
5-Living In The Woods - 5:49
6-You Can't Stop Me Now - 6:19
- "Give me around 75 of these things and crush'em into my face", comment -
7-Hibernation - 11:24
8-Stranglehold - 7:15 [Incomplete - tape-switch-gap]
9-Call Of The Wild - 10:56 [Incomplete - song just fades away - batteries running out]
10-Papa's Will - 18:01 [fresh batteries]
- This song was spliced together in Audacity because i had to flip over the cassette.
- This song also include "The Ultimate Primal Scream" by Ted.
11-Motor City Madhouse - 9:22
Encore Break
12-Unknown Title - 8:00
13-Unknown Title - 4:00

Personnel *
"Raw" Nugent - guitars, vocals, percussion, general strangeness and speed
Derek St. Holmes - rhythm guitar, vocals
Rob Grange - bass
Cliff Davies - drums, vocals
* This was the personnel on the Epic LP, Ted Nugent, of the same year. I'm assuming it was the same as IIT. I'm fairly confident that Rob Grange was the bass player. But I'm not at all sure about the drummer.

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