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Sting:1985-12-20-Espace Foire, Lille, France

Espace Foire
Lille, France
Dream of the Blue Turtles Tour


CD 1:
01. Shadows In The Rain 
02. Driven To Tears
03. Consider Me Gone
04. Children's Crusade
05. One World/Love Is The Seventh Wave
06. We Work The Black Seam (tape flip)
07. Bring On The Night/When The World Is Running Down
08. Another Day
09. Moon Over Bourbon Street
10. Fortress Around Your Heart

CD 2:
11. I Burn For You/(Omar Hakim drums solo)
12. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
13. Roxanne
14. Tea In The Sahara
15. Every Breath You Take 
16. Need Your Love So Bad 
17. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles/Demolition Man
18. Message In A Bottle

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