sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017

Uli Jon Roth:2017-04-01-Neuberinhaus Stadthalle, Reichenbach, Tokyo

Uli Jon Roth
Art Rock Festival V
Neuberinhaus Stadthalle
Reichenbach, Tokyo
Tapes Revisited World Tour

Many thanks SF


01 All Night Long
02 Longing For Fire
03 The Sails Of Charon
04 Sun In My Hand
05 We'll Burn The Sky
06 In Trance
07 Rainbow Dream Prelude
08 Fly To The Rainbow
09 Hell Cat
10 Dark Lady
11 All Along The Watchtower

The band:
Uli Jon Roth (Ex-Scorpions) - Guitar,Vocals
Niklas Turmann (Crystal Breed) - Guitar, Vocals
Nico Deppisch (Crystal Breed) - Bass
Corvin Bahn (Crystal Breed) - Vocals, Keyboards
Thorsten Harnitz (Crystal Breed) - Drums, Vocals

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