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Sting:2017-06-08-Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan

Nippon Budokan
Tokyo, Japan 
57th & 9th Tour


support set
1-01. Intro.
1-02. Heading South on the Great North Road
1-03. Looking For Me Looking For You (Joe Sumner)
1-04. Don't Change The Love (Joe Sumner)
1-05. Drink (Joe Sumner)
1-06. Jelly Bean (Joe Sumner)
1-07. Maria (The Last Bandoleros)
1-08. River Man (The Last Bandoleros)
1-09. I Don't Wanna Know (The Last Bandoleros)
1-10. Where Do You Go? (The Last Bandoleros)
1-11. Take Me To It (The Last Bandoleros)

main set
2-01. Intro.
2-02. Synchronicity II
2-03. Spirits In The Material World
2-04. Englishman In New York
2-05. I Can't Stop Thinking About You
2-06. band introduction
2-07. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
2-08. One Fine Day
2-09. She's Too Good For Me
2-10. Mad About You
2-11. Fields Of Gold
2-12. Petrol Head
2-13. Seven Days
2-14. Shape Of My Heart
2-15. Message In A Bottle
2-16. Ashes To Ashes (Joe Sumner) -
2-17. 50,000
2-18. Walking On The Moon
2-19. So Lonely
2-20. Desert Rose
2-21. Roxanne / Ain't No Sunshine
2-22. Next To You
2-23. Every Breath You Take
2-24. Fragile
2-25. ending

Sting (vo, eb, a.g)
Dominic Miller (e.g, eb)
Rufus Miller (e.g, a.g)
Josh Freeze (drs)
Joe Sumner (chor, e.g)
The Last Bandoleros:Diego Navaira, Derek James, Jerry Fuentes and Emilio Navaira feat. Percy Cardona (chor, arcordeon, drs)

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