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Sammy Hagar:1982-01-28-Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland

Sammy Hagar
Apollo Theatre
Glasgow, Scotland
Standing Hampton Tour

Calidad:FM de 9

1 Heavy Metal(FADES IN)
2 This Planet's On Fire
3 Plain Jane
4 Baby's On Fire
5 I'll Fall In Love Again
6 Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
7 Sweet Hitchhiker
8 Love Or Money
9 Inside Lookin' In
10 Can't Get Loose
11 Rock'n'Roll Weekend
12 There's Only One Way To Rock
13 Turn Up The Music
14 I've Done Everything For You
15 Rock Candy
16 Space Station No.5
17 Whole Lotta Love
18 Red/Satisfied
19 Radio Outro

The band:
Sammy Hagar  Vocals Guitar
Gary Pihl  Guitar Keyboards Vocals
Bill Church  Bass Vocals
David Lauser  Drums Vocals

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