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Scorpions:2018-06-10-Kombank Arena, Belgrade, Serbia

Kombank Arena
Belgrade, Serbia
Crazy World Tour


01. Intro
02. Going Out With a Bang
03. Make It Real
04. Is There Anybody There?
05. The Zoo
06. Coast to Coast
07. Top of the Bill/Steamrock Fever/Speedy's Coming/Catch Your Train
08. We Built This House
09. Delicate Dance
10. Follow Your Heart
11. Eye of the Storm
12. Send Me an Angel
13. Wind of Change
14. Tease Me Please Me
15. Overkill
16. Drum Solo
17. Blackout
18. Big City Nights
19. Still Loving You
20. Rock You Like a Hurricane

The band:
Klaus Meine – lead vocals
Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Matthias Jabs – lead guitar, backing vocals
Pawel Maciwoda – bass, backing vocals
Mikkey Dee – drums

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