viernes, 20 de julio de 2018

Iron Maiden:2018-07-13-Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal

Iron Maiden
Altice Arena
Lisbon, Portugal
Legacy of the Beast Tour


    Aces High
    Where Eagles Dare
    2 Minutes to Midnight
    The Clansman
    The Trooper
    For the Greater Good of God
    The Wicker Man
    Sign of the Cross
    Flight of Icarus
    Fear of the Dark
    The Number of the Beast
    Iron Maiden
    The Evil That Men Do
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Run to the Hills

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  2. Siento decirte esto
    Pero te quiero hermano!!!
    Muchisimas Gracias!!!

    1. Muchas gracias,espero que lo disfrutes y si estuvistes alli que o vuelvas a revivir.

  3. I read this on a KISS forum. So true:

    I look at all of the clamoring for Kiss to be wearing different outfits.

    And I'm just like...damn...seriously?

    Seeing Bruce Dickinson dressed like the croc hunter (seen it) and Bruce Dickinson dressed in a hoody when it's 98F (seen it) didn't make a difference to me. Maiden, like Kiss, is a very visual band with elaborate stage shows.

    But unlike Kiss, Maiden gives you a new show each tour.

    Between 2000-2018....both bands...

    Maiden: Brave New World. Dance of Death. A Matter of Life and Death. The Final Frontier. Book of Souls and those are just the studio albums....then there's...

    Rock In Rio. Beast Over Hammersmith. Death On The Road. Flight 666. En Vivo. The Book of Souls Live Chapter

    Kiss has given us: Monster. Sonic Boom.

    Alive IV. Kiss Rocks Vegas

    What's happened to this once amazing band?


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