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Ted Nughent:1981-03-28-Cape Cod Coliseum,South Yarmouth,MA,USA

Ted Nughent
Cape Cod Coliseum
South Yarmouth,MA,USA
Scream Dream Tour


1 Pat Saint John Intro
2 Land Of 1000 Dances
3 Scream Dream
4 Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
(tape pause edit at 16:23 real time)
5 Paralized
6 Modern Love
7 Heads Will Roll
(tape pause edit at 34:39 real time)
8 Jailbait
(tape flip edit at 40:47 real time)
9 Stranglehold
(tape pause edit at 49:52 real time)
10 Great White Buffalo
(tape pause edit at 63:32 real time)
11 Wango Tango
12 Motor City Madhouse Medley (tape flip edit in song at 80:43 real time)
> Flying Lip Lock
> TNT Overture
> We're Gonna Rock
> Tonight
> Motor City Madhouse (Reprise)
(tape pause edit at 84:40 real time)
13 Free For All
14 Cat Scratch Feever
15 Tail Gunner
16 Pat Saint John Outro

The band:
Ted Nugent Guitar Vocals
Verne Wagoner Guitar
Rick Wagoner Guitar
Kurt Wagoner Guitar
Mark Gerhardt Drums
Mike Gardner Bass

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