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Michael Schenker:2018-03-26-Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ, USA

Michael Schenker
Marquee Theatre
Tempe, AZ, USA 
Michael Schenker Fest Tour


01. Intro
02. Into the Arena
03. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Gary Barden on vocals)
04. Cry for the Nations (Gary Barden on vocals)
05. Attack of the Mad Axeman (Gary Barden on vocals)
06. Messin' Around (Gary Barden on vocals)
07. Armed and Ready (Gary Barden on vocals)
08. chat: Hello San Antonio/ Present for Rudolph
09. Coast to Coast
10. Desert Song (Graham Bonnet on vocals)
11. Dancer (Graham Bonnet on vocals)
12. Night Moods (Graham Bonnet on vocals)
13. Searching for a Reason (Graham Bonnet on vocals)
14. Assault Attack (Graham Bonnet on vocals)
15. chat
16. Captain Nemo
17. Bad Boys (Robin McAuley on vocals)
18. Save Yourself (Robin McAuley on vocals)
19. Anytime (Robin McAuley on vocals)
20. Heart and Soul (Robin McAuley on vocals)
21. Love Is Not a Game (Robin McAuley on vocals)
22. Searching for Freedom
23. Live and Let Live (Doogie White on vocals)
24. Vigilante Man (Doogie White on vocals)
25. Lord of the Lost and Lonely (Doogie White on vocals)
26. chat
27. Take Me to the Church (Doogie White on vocals)
28. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Doogie White on vocals)
29. chat 
30. Warrior (Barden, Bonnet, McAuley, and White on vocals)
31. Rock Bottom (Barden,McAuley on vocals)
32. Doctor Doctor (Bonnet on vocals)
33. Shoot Shoot (Barden, Bonnet, McAuley, and White on vocals)
34. Natural Thing (Barden, Bonnet, McAuley, and White on vocals)
35. Lights Out (Barden, Bonnet, McAuley, and White on vocals)

The band:
Michael Schenker - guitar
Gary Barden - vocals
Graham Bonnet - vocals
Robin McAuley - vocals
Doogie White - vocals
Chris Glen - bass
Ted McKenna - drums
Steve Mann - guitar/keyboards

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  2. Muchas gracias. Esta gira vendrá a España en Octubre.


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